Cranes and Longevity – drawing


Data form : Adobe illustrator CC, CS6, PNG PNG size : long side 5000px - 300dpi - RGB
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Product ID : 009-0004 Upload date : July 27, 2022 Japattern


This work is a cross between the Japanese character for “Kotobuki” and a picture of a crane. Kotobuki” means a happy event to be celebrated. Cranes have been revered since ancient times as a “bird of good omen” symbolizing longevity, as they are said to “live a thousand years”; as a “symbol of good relations”, as they are said to be “husband and wife cranes”, as they are very friendly with each other and stay together for life; and as their cry resonates and reaches far, they are said to be “birds that reach to the heavens”. It is said to be “a bird that reaches the heavens” because its call resonates and reaches far away.